Hey guys, first off thanks for stopping by on our new blog!


We’re Nick and Jessie, an adventurous New Zealand couple with a passion for budget backpacking around new countries.


Jessie: Just finished teachers training, 22

Nick: Qualified builder, 25


But we both quit our jobs, packed our tramping bags and set off on a  journey to cover as much land and embrace as much culture and traditions as we can until we run out of money!


We created this site together as a little spot to share our adventurous journey through blogs and Instagram to keep you updated and provide as much information for you as we can. Our aim is to inspire and help others to get out of their shell and roam around the world!


We had planned to originally travel seven countries in seven months, but plans have changed and we don’t know when we will make it home.


So welcome aboard our travel journey!



We plan to use this platform to share our real experiences, tips, and guides about traveling and countries including Bali, Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and New Zealand to help make it easier for you to get out exploring!





This blog is also our way of connecting with all you other fellow bloggers, travelers, and dreamers! We would love to hear from you, your stories, your tips for blogging, travel questions or just a friendly hello. And who knows, we might see you out on the road one day!


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