Much like the Gili Islands, do not miss this! We only had a few days left on our trip to Bali and there was no better way to spend it. Although we love doing all sightseeing and exploring on our own, we left it too little too late for this beautiful destination, plus we became great friends with a local who recommended his tour of Nusa Penida for a great price, we couldn’t say no. And thank goodness we didn't!

So if you're looking for a guide, search @nusapenidadestinationtours

or @balidaytours for more info.


From beautiful white powdery beaches to stunning sunset views this destination is a slice of heaven! Make sure Kelingking beach is on your list during your trip there, the climb down the steps with be sure to give you a good workout but it’s well worth it.


Bali was our first destination in our travels around South East Asia and we already wish we could go back! After a month in this beautiful country, it’s safe to say it should be on your bucket list. This place will exceed your expectations of lush greenery, beautiful picturesque beaches, delicious cheap food and monkeys galore!


This island is so easy to get around with nothing further than a four-hour journey away! Definitely a great break from those overnight buses and trains many backpackers are sure to be sick of.


Here’s our tried and tested Bali itinerary from our trip earlier this year! We had a whole month to cover all of these but we know you may be on a smaller timeframe, so you can pick and choose which destinations you like best and create an itinerary to suit you. We hope this helps!



Now Kuta is not for everyone, but we loved it for the shopping! I guess you could say it’s much like the Bangkok of Thailand when it comes to shopping and we were in desperate need of some South East Asia clothing attire for our trip.

It is also the home to the World’s third-best waterpark, so of course, on a hot day we had to test it out for ourselves and we loved it!! From thrill seeking rides, to swim up bars this place has it all.



Into surfing? Want to get into surfing? Uluwatu is every surfer's dream, from the waves to the music you’ll see what we mean. It has some of the best beaches in Bali, the famous Uluwatu temple ( Where you can witness the traditional Kecak dance ) and delicious food.

If you're in need of a good #foodgram smoothie bowls or you’re a veg/vegan then Bukit Café is the place to be. Our accommodation was a few minutes walk away so it became our local, check them out on Instagram!


Looking for somewhere to stay? The Bombora Surf Camp is one of our favorites, we stayed there for three nights and couldn’t recommend it enough. It was such a beautiful laid back place with great staff, clean rooms, and a pool! Perfect budget accommodation.



Not only is Sanur great for fishing/spearfishing, but its beach is home to some of the most beautiful dinner settings we have seen. The perfect place for a romantic night out.


This is where we headed off on a full two-day spearfishing trip with Mario and had the time of our lives! Not only did we go out spearfishing, but he told us many stories, gave us great tips and pulled the boat up to a private beach on the last day where his local friend was waiting next to the firepit to cook up all sorts of fish, crayfish, prawns, rice and veggie options. This was the best meal we have ever had!


You don’t need to be a professional, he caters for everyone!

The link below will lead you to his website.



Where was our favorite destination in Bali? UBUD!

If your wondering which places to put at the top of your list then this is the one. It absolutely exceeded our expectations, so much that we ended up staying almost a whole week!


From beautiful luscious green rice plantations to delicious traditional Balinese cooking or even a forest full of crazy friendly monkeys, Ubud has it all. Considering Ubud is so central, we used this as our base while adventuring further out to faraway waterfalls.


Check out our TOP 10 THINGS TO DO IN UBUD blog for all the ‘Must see spots’



Surely you would have seen this all over Instagram by now! Although it is quite far away, we managed to make it there on one scooter with two huge tramping packs and two-day bags, so I’m sure you could find a way there. This gives you a beautiful view of Mount Agung, as you can see, it was still puffing out smoke when we were there!


If you're into diving/snorkeling there are some amazing underwater sights straight off the beach such as shipwrecks and statues to explore. We chucked on togs and a snorkel and managed to free dive it so no need to be a professional!



These beautiful little islands are just a boat ride away. The best places to catch the boat from would be Amed, Sanur or Padang Bai and should not be missed.


There was no better way to celebrate New Years! We started with Gili Trawangan for the famous New Years celebration, Gili Meno for the underwater statues and Gili Air for some romantic relaxing time away from the hustle and bustle.


Each of these have beautiful sandy beaches, delicious food ( Chargrilled spicy corn was our favorite, make sure to try! ), jaw-dropping sunsets and many of those famous swings in the water that have gained huge popularity on Instagram.



Sadly we were on a tight budget and timeframe during our trip to Bali so we missed out on the following destinations. But along the way we have met some amazing people that have highly recommended each of these places, and quite often you will see these in other Bali itineraries so absolutely worth a visit if you can fit it in!




This is usually the first stop for most vacationers due to its great nightlife and high-end restaurants, so you might not see as many budget backpackers due to it’s higher pricing.




Canggu! Now, this is a place we regret not visiting. It is not far from Seminyak but totally different. This is the top destination for Instagram worthy smoothie bowls, cheap avocados, and a surfy, laid-back atmosphere. Friends of ours extended their stay here by a week so it must be worth a visit!




Another great destination if you have the time, much like Nusa Penida it has great beaches and views to explore!

One thing we wish we saw was the Gala-Gala underground house, this is a home hand carved out of limestone from the 1960's.




Kuta: Pondok Anyar Inn/Zen Rooms Basic Dormitle

Ubud: Suarsena House Bungalows

Uluwatu: Bombora Surf Camp

Nusa Penida: Bintang Bungalows

Gili Air: Tarambana (Private pool and great breakfast)

Amed: Patcha Homestay (Hostel and private rooms, plus the owner is the loveliest guy!)




Uluwatu: Bukit café (Check out their Instagram!) and Single Fin

Umah’s Pizza: Ubud

Kuta: On the main strip you will find overpriced westernized foods, so go explore down the alleyways and find the locals serving up delicious food wrapped up in banana leaves!




Currency: IDR-Indonesian Rupiah - 10,000IDR = $1.03NZD


Visa: FREE! For most countries, you can get a 30-day free visa on arrival. Make sure you look into the details of your specific country though!


Transport: Hire a scooter! There is no better way to get around than on one of these. We paid between 50,000-70,000IRD for a whole day hire.

If you're not confident enough for this then there are many local taxi drivers around happy to help, BUT beware of their prices! They will double if not triple the actual price so don't be afraid to barter them down.


Guides for the day: Depending on where you want to go, this can be a great option if you want a hassle-free experience with air conditioning! We did this for two days since it rained and we had no way to get around. It cost us 500,000 for a full day tour and we got to choose all of the destinations with some as far as 1.5/2 hours away.

We went through Bali day tours for this, search them up on Instagram @balidaytours


Accommodation: As a couple, we paid 100,000-225,000 per night for a clean budget room, private bathroom and often it came with a pool or breakfast. Obviously, you can spend more or less depending on your budget but that is our recommendation if you want to be cheap as well as having a nice place.


Food: It wasn’t until the last few days that we realized how ridiculously cheap you can eat in Bali. During our first two weeks, we mostly ate at cafes and local restaurants because it was still very cheap compared to home, BUT by the end of our trip, we were eating like locals! We would spend roughly 10,000-20,000 per person for a delish street food meal ( Rice, spicy paste, anchovies and an egg wrapped up in a banana leaf ) and maybe even some deep fried goodies! But even a decent Mie Goreng or Nasi Goreng freshly cooked would be 15,000-30,000 if you find the right place. Going somewhere nicer expect to pay more, but as a backpacker, eating like a local is our best advice.


Activities: This is a hard one, it really depends on how budget you want to go. Obviously, activities can be highly priced, especially if they are something extra touristy like the WaterBom park (500,000 per person! Get it cheaper online). Temple fees vary from 5,000-50,000 and Waterfalls 15,000-20,000 to give you a rough idea of prices.

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