This was our first stop in Myanmar, and it was one of the best experiences of our traveling journey to date. Yangon is every traveler's dream when it comes to culture and getting to know the locals. Here we will sum up what we did during our trip to give you a guide on what to do.




Our favourite adventure so far. Although a three-hour train ride in a circle may not sound like everyone's cup of tea, we sure loved it!

During the ride we met some of the kindest locals (A beautiful old lady brought us a huge punnet of berries), tried traditional snacks, witnessed bikes, tables and all sorts of interesting goodies being hauled on by helpful bystanders and saw the local markets/villages as we passed through. Children pointing, smiling and yelling out to us with excitement as we poked our curious heads out of the train window. And Jessie’s favourite moment to date, a young fourteen-year-old girl clinging to her arm and asking to paint her face with traditional Thanaka to help cool her down.

JUST DO IT. It is the best way to really explore Yangon.



Definitely worth a visit if you're staying in Yangon. This theme park was opened in 1997 as a huge attraction and now left to wilter away while being taken over by nature. Makes for some great exploring and Instagram photos!

Unfortunately we didn't know about this place until after we left so don't have any photos but you can check some out here!





-Sule Pagoda: 4,000K entry fee.

We had a local approach us that used to be a monk, he spent the next hour walking around explaining all of the rituals and basics of what Buddhism is all about without expecting anything in return.

Highly recommend hiring a guide or asking a local to do this, we learned so much from him.


-Shwedagon Pagoda: 10,000K entry fee.

Very expensive but it was well worth Visiting this 2,500-year-old 99m high Pagoda. Yangon's most famous landmark was absolutely beautiful, with so much to explore! We recommend going early in the morning or late afternoon to avoid blinding white light of the tiles as well as the crowds (Or take sunglasses)


-Chauk Htat Kyi Pagoda: 5000K entry fee.

Reclining Buddha is a great one to visit to learn more about the story behind how Buddhism came about. With a beautiful painting covering a whole wall depicting the story and accompanied by the English translation in writing, you are able to get a deeper understanding.


-Ngar Htat Gyi Pagoda: 2000k entry fee.

Large sitting Buddha. Sadly this was under construction but it is absolutely beautiful and huge!

Looking at the giant sitting buddha under construction at the Ngar Htat Gyi Pagonda in yangon



This is a great way to explore the city! There are many free walking tours around Yangon so if you're like us budget backpackers then opt for one of those. Find more info on trip Advisor under 'Free Yangon Walks'.




Need a drink? Want a great view? Not only were the staff lovely, but it was ridiculously cheap and the cocktails were delicious. There is a 5,000K entry fee but that gives you a ticket to buy your first drink, and it is worth it to take in the whole of Yangon. You will see the less developed and to-be-developed areas, Pagodas and the busy streets from another perspective.



Every city has an old and popular market, in Yangon this is it. Bogyoke Market (Also known as Scott Market) has become a growing tourist attraction, so get your bartering skills ready and head on in to see the local stalls.




How could you not when a ticket is only 2,800K? They have the latest movies in English accompanied with great cheap snacks and drinks. Plus the theater itself was massive, comfortable and clean!




Street food- Super cheap with plenty of options whether you want sweet or savoury.


Ingyin New South Indian Foods Centre- Great vegetarian options and you definitely get your money worth! We bought one rice with vegetarian accompaniments for 2,000K and we both walked away absolutely stuffed.


City Breeze- A beautiful little modern café that had only just opened during our stay in Yangon. The owners are a lovely family that serves the cheapest and most delish bakery food! Although their variety is slightly limited, the coffee, juices and tiramisu cake was to die for.




Shannkalay Hostel- This is where we stayed due to its great location and backpacker friendly price. The owners were lovely, rooms were clean, and the free breakfast was delicious. Highly recommend staying here if your on a backpacker budget!

Pan Pacific - This is a brand new Hotel built in 2017 offering beautiful suites with a rooftop infinity pool looking over the city and a great view of the Shwedagon Pagoda in the background. Ofcourse this is for a much larger budget as you will be looking at roughly $200nzd

Or check out more accommodation here.

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