Before traveling, we read lots of blogs telling us to hunt around for accommodation when we arrive as it works out cheaper. This was sometimes the case, but more often than not it was actually cheaper booking online!

We ALWAYS book before we arrive for many reasons, it’s cheaper, saves you time and removes the stress of walking with huge tramping packs in the heat.

TIP: Download each of these apps. WHY? Once you have chosen the place you want to stay, simply check this property on each app to compare prices. One of these companies will be having a better deal than the other, that way you will find the best price.

We are all about discounts! - Agoda - AirBnB app
agoda app
air Bnb app



Paper map reading is a thing of the past!

'Google maps' has been an absolute LIFESAVER when it comes to traveling. Not only does it allow you to download some maps offline for when you know you’ll be out of service, but it provides you with information on local transport! If you click directions to your destination and choose the little bus symbol, it will provide you with a variety of local transport options such as buses and trains. This is always the cheapest option behind walking, and helped us navigate our way through the big Bangkok city!

'Maps.Me' is another popular option that we have recently learnt is better for having off the beaten track info like hiking trails.



Thank goodness for 'Currency converter'! Although some currencies are easy to work out, some are very confusing so refer to this app to save yourself the brain work.



Steer clear of taxis if on a budget. I’m sure if you have been traveling before you would agree. Local transport and 'Uber' are two of our highly recommended budget options. (Unless you can get a scooter)

Obviously, if you're going the long distance you will need to fly or take buses/trains so these apps help you hunt down the cheapest options.

'Skyscanner' and 'Rome2rio' hunt down the best prices on the internet and display them for you in one place! Just enter your location, destination, and date, then let it do the work for you.



Surely at some point your Mum and Dad will start nagging you to video call, we just use Facebook messenger because the oldies are up with the times. But many people still stick with 'Skype' so it can be a great app to download. 'WhatsApp' has been great for contacting locals while traveling such as a scooter rental places, your guide etc, many of them use this!



Download 'Google Translate'

No one is going to learn the language of all 8 countries they are visiting! Or are we just lazy?

Either way, this saved us many times.

You can even download the language to use offline!

TIP: Use this to learn a word a day! Although we lacked great pronunciation, we gave it our best shot and the locals loved us for it.



-TripAdvisor: This is a great way to find all the information and reviews to help with your planning. When booking tours and finding things to do, you can see comments from people who have already experienced it and can their opinion on whether it is a must do, or must don’t!

-Happy cow: Are you vegan or vegetarian? Your welcome! It hunts down cafes and restaurants around you with both of these dietary options. We have found some of our favorite eateries through this app.

-Google drive: BACK UP YOUR PHOTOS & VIDEOS TO THIS.  We can’t stress this enough. We literally have everything backed up to Google drive AND and hard drive. We have heard so many stories of people losing all of their travel photos and videos when their devices are stolen or broken.

-Castbox & Spotify: We have spent HOURS on buses, planes, and trains. Being the budget backpackers we are, we have ended up on some dodgy, noisy and uncomfortable transport options, but luckily we had these to help pass the time. Castbox an app we use to download all genres of podcasts, it’s FREE! Spotify is great for music, you can use it much like youtube. Just type in a song you like, download it, create a playlist (Or use someone else's) and listen to it offline.

-WeatherPro: Personally we don’t use this, but if your activities are weather dependant then it’s a great idea to have handy!



These are obviously NOT essential travel apps but we thought we would share some of our personal favorites for when it comes to editing and Instagram.


-Lightroom CC: A MUST HAVE. This is by far the best editing app we have come across for photos. It has a 60day free trial, so make the most of it because it’s actually quite expensive. When your trail is over you can still use the app for free and have great tools you just loose some of the high end tools.

-Snapseed: This is a free option for photo editing. We used this before Lightroom CC and loved it, but bit the bullet and decided to pay the money to upgrade.

-UNUM: Wanting to create a theme on your Instagram feed? Love planning out your next few posts? This has helped us to create the look we desire on our Instagram feed. And it’s FREE. It connects to your Instagram and shows up extra grids above so you can add in your next posts and decide what photos to use next.

-Wondershare Filmora: This is a great video editing software for a one-off cheap payment. So if on a budget like us then it is perfect!

-Premiere Pro CC: This software is incredible! Sadly it is well out of our price range but it is a must-have if you're getting serious about video editing, want a more professional look or just more editing tool options. While Wondershare Filmora can still get the job done, nothing can compare with this.

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