What sort of gear and equipment should I take on my travels?


There are so many options out there and trust me, we struggled to make decisions on what to take with us on this trip. Our main focus was lightweight, compatibility and affordability considering we need all the money we can to last longer on our adventure!


Do take into account that you have to lug all of this around in your pack for long periods of time so choose wisely.


Obviously, it differs for everyone depending on preference and what you want to achieve on your trip.

We began with a passion to capture every moment in pictures and videos so we could share the journey with friends and family, but recently we decided to step up our game and strive to grow our Instagram, create a blog and attempt to benefit financially from these one day.


Here’s an overview of all our gear and equipment we now have and wish we had from the start!





We recently bought a Panasonic Lumix DMC-fz1000 and wish we had it sooner! This camera is considered a bridge camera because it holds many qualities of a DSLR but is more in our budget price range.


We spent hours researching different camera options and their prices before finally narrowing it down to this one.

It has given us far better quality photos and can film in 4k video! Our camera has a 25-400mm lens which means you don’t have to spend a lot of money on different lenses. Like with any good camera your going to need to get a Fast SD card to keep up with the quality, this ones a great option and at 32GB you will have plenty of space.

Lumix FZ-1000 camera
class 10 sd card



This is literally our saving grace! We struggled to ever get photos together before realizing the simple solution, get a tripod. We looked at a variety of different ones and decided this was the best because it is carbon fiber (Super lightweight!) and packs down really small. Plus it is great value for money. This thing has been everywhere, whether it is sand or water, and it is still going strong! (Durable)




Jessie uses a Macbook Air because it is lightweight, has a long battery life and does almost anything we need!

Nick has an HP Pavillion because he has a thing against Apple laptops.

Both are great laptops and help us to create content for Instagram, Youtube and our blogs on the road without taking up too much space. Although travel is all about getting out and exploring, being able to come home now and then a relax with a movie is great. You won't regret bringing one!


The locals have no understanding that you hold valuables in your bags. We have watched bags being thrown all over the place so having everything safely tucked in your bag with extra padding is key if you want to prevent damages. I have had this one for ages now and love it!

Hp pavilion laptop
apple laptop

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laptop case
laptop case

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We brought new phones before leaving New Zealand for the purpose of better travel photos. This was before we had our camera of-course. Cameras on modern phones can definitely be a great alternative for photos if your budget cant allow for a proper camera. Also your phone is likely going to be used where ever you go for google maps, music, apps etc so make sure you have a decent one that will preform for you on your trip. Search for your new phone here!




Google maps will be your best friend and your worst enemy. While it gets us from A to B, it drains our phone batteries at insane rates. Also being the cheap backpackers we are, we have found ourselves stuck in a room before with either no plug or just one to share with our many devices.

Our power banks have saved us numerous times from disaster and are cheap!

We have one of these each, so there is no fighting over battery life.

power bank



This didn’t take us long to decide on! After watching vlogs on youtube we fell in love with the different perspective drones capture and knew it was essential to our trip. There are a few options out there nowadays but as we said, affordability and compatibility were key! The DJI Mavic Pro compacts down small and can fit into a case easy for carrying around in your day pack. It is pretty straightforward and doesn’t take too long to learn how to use this device but.. practice at home or on a big open field numerous times to get the hang of what you're doing so you don’t find yourself jumping off a boat into the ocean and catching it out of the sky when it decided to come home!


Yes, that happened to us..

but that’s a story for another day!


We would recommend buying the ‘Fly More combo’ as it comes with everything you need.

Dji Mavic Pro Drone



This little thing is just incredible! We have had it for awhile now and absolutely love it. With a screen that allows you to view what your recording and the fact that it is waterproof makes it the perfect travel blog companion. Before we brought our camera we used this for our vlogging.

A few great accessories would be a dome which allows you to capture the half/half shots (Shown in the image below, a great step up in your content game!), waterproof case (Extra protection for deeper diving like scuba) and a floating handle (We personally don't use one but if your a bit clumsy these are great for not losing it when in the water!).


You can check the video quality here!

GoPro hero 5



You don't have to get one of these...but if you're like us and spend a lot of time on boats or in the middle of monsoon rainy season then these are another must have. They come in all different sizes and colors, so we chose one that was bright (In case it goes overboard) and 15L so it was big enough to fit the drone case, phones, power banks and a camera bag.

15L dry bag

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We literally raced down to Kathmandu during their Christmas holiday sales to grab new tramping packs, day packs, socks, travel wipes, and much more!


Being the short human I am, I opted for a 50L bag which is big enough to carry the essentials for at least six months but not so big I struggle to carry it. Nick has a larger 75L bag because I make him carry the big heavy things!


We both own a small daypack that folds down within itself into a little easy to carry bundle, super handy.



Just imagine it...

You're stuck in a small minivan. The aircon is a lie so your uncomfortable and hot. The guy next to you keeps making weird noises and the van sounds like it's breaking down. You have a four-hour trip ahead of you.

A good set of headphones and the app CastBox (Podcasts) will save your life!

We chose these ones because they are great quality and block out the noise far better than previous sets we have owned.

Beatz by dre headphones



This adapter will keep you charged no matter what wacky outlet you find in your accommodation!

universal adapter



Make sure you remember this! Pack all the essentials from drugs to bandaids because you never know what’s going to happen.

travel 1st aid kit

Shop for any other travel essentials here!


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